Here are some of my most commonly asked questions:

1. How long does shipping take?
- Within Canada, typically within 5 business days, but COVID - so I'm unable to make any delivery promises at this time. To save on shipping, we use Canada Post regular mail so each wood-slice is only $2 to ship anywhere in Canada and the US.

2. Are these made with chalk markers/paint? 
- The first few I made were with paint markers, but I had concerns about the lettering discolouring or cracking over time. The designs you see are all my own, but I cut them out of premium-grade vinyl so the lettering should last a lifetime with indoor use. I use only highest quality Oracle vinyl and personally make each ornament by hand, including handpainting the background. 

3. How long will a custom ornament take?
- It depends on the complexity of your design, but most custom orders will be done and shipped within a week. 

4. Can I get the background in red or blue (or other colours)?
- Unfortunately no. As a one man operation, in order for me to keep inventory and style consistent, I've chosen a popular neutral chalkboard look. I may release limited edition colour combinations at a later date. 

5. Can I do this myself?
- Funny you should ask! I'm working on a complete kit that will contain everything you need to launch an ornament side biz for yourself. All of the items in the kit are high-quality products that I've tested myself over the years and that I use to create my slices. Not all wood slices are created equal so you'll be provided with sanded and drilled Canadian birch slices, paint, brushes, twine, vinyl and a unique set of SVG files so you can make these yourself - all you'll need is a cutting machine.
The Maker Crate will be launching in 2023 so be sure to join my mailing list for more information.

If you don't find your answer here, please feel free to email me at hello@chalkandawe.co (*please note that it's .co)